January 2023 Free Downloads Showcase and Name Change

Logo text that reads Charioteer Plus, stylized with a plus icon and main logo text aside from the plus icon written in leetcode, white on a black background. There is a green coloured arc on top of the logo, going from the stylized C to the plus icon.

Hey there oomfies! First of all, Happy New Year!! 🙂

So I’ve been having a bit of a mental health crisis, which is why you didn’t see All I Want For Christmas Is Waifus. However, today I wanna feature an old remix of mine, that I originally published on Instagram, and many people liked it. Here’s a video on my second music YouTube channel, ChaR1ot33r Plus, of the remix.

Download link: COMING SOON!

For now, enjoy the music.

Also, Republic Day is coming up, but I thought I’d release my very special mashup a couple of days early. It’s a mashup of Gebruik Me by Zöe Tauran, and Aikotoba (アイコトバ) by AiM (Ai Maeda) and Miyazaki Ayumi. If these second set of artists or the second song name seem familiar, it’s because both Maeda-san and Ayumi-san are Digimon veterans from the late ’90s, and Aikotoba was the ending theme to Digimon Adventure tri.: Chapter 5 – Coexistence. Watch the video on ChaR1ot33r Plus now:

DOWNLOAD (WAV PCM format, quieter): https://link.storjshare.io/jvlfrhejx6mmwy44hrk6sphpxb4a/char1ot33r-pvt%2FGebruik%20Mijn%20Aikotoba.wav

DOWNLOAD (MP3 320 KBPS): https://link.storjshare.io/jv6nbmlz2ww4nmmy5i6tekvvycza/char1ot33r-pvt%2FGebruik%20Mijn%20Aikotoba.mp3

Also, this page’s name has been changed simply to “Plus”, to signify that the content on here is from ChaR1ot33r Plus, my new channel for extra content that is not an official release. I am trying to get an OAC (official artist channel) on YouTube for my main channel, and my non-official content will be migrated to ChaR1ot33r Plus.

Exciting but depressing month overall, oomfies!

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